360° Photography

A 360° Virtual Tour consists of several panoramas tied together with links called Hotspots. A panorama itself is  a composite  of images stitched together to form a complete 360° photograph. Because of all this a Virtual Tour  requires dedicated software and servers to be viewed and shared, this is referred to as Hosting. TJP can host your tour, or provide a complete tour that you can load and host on your own server. Hosting costs are determined by the file size of each individual tour. The complexity of the tour, as well as the resolution of the imagery are the determining factors when calculating file size. In an effort to keep hosting expenses affordable TJP features  two tiers of resolution:

  • Smaller File Size

  • Fewer post production processes

  • Fine for most computer or mobile screens

High Definition
  • Larger file size

  • Crisper imagery

  • Best for higher end properties or commercial applications

Presentation formats are fully customizable and can be designed to meet the complex marketing needs of today. The High Definition example above features a magazine format that is ideal for real estate.

TJP Virtual Tours offer a feature called "Live Chat". With live chat enabled you can show a property online, meeting your client virtually, similar to a zoom meeting with the property in the background. Once all parties are present, you  close the session and conduct the  tour. If your client wants to go back snd see something again, a simple click of a button allows you to give them control to navigate wherever they choose to go, while you answer questions and address their concerns.

If you are looking for something truly special to showcase that one of a kind listing, its hard to beat the lighting effects and mood changes of a Daybreak or Sunset time-lapse  panorama.

Onota Township
Powell Township
Onota Township
Negaunee Township
CR565 CVR.tif

TJP Virtual Tours are fully compatible with MLS and other multi-listing services, Oculus and other VR systems. Our tours can be linked to Google Street View, as well as provide marketing feedback through Google Analytics.